This Is A Shot You Have Got To Take If You’ve Got ED

Meet ED. That is to say if you have not already met him. But who is ED? You could ask a great deal of middle to old aged men. They may already have met him. And sad to say, there are guys out there as young as thirty (or younger) who have already met him too. Now, these are the poor guys who have been doing extremely poorly in the look after yourself department. Or tragically, they got pretty sick at an early stage of their lives.

priapus shot

Middle to old aged men, it has to be said, have a natural association with ED, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction. Also, due to (positive) socio-economic circumstances, men are choosing to put off marriage and child-rearing to a later time in their lives. And for child rearing purposes, men need to have their penises working at one hundred percent, ideally like a six cylinder sports car. But should they be sputtering along like an old, rusting Beetle, all is not lost.

All it takes is the superb priapus shot to make matters right in the making love department. Now, this shot may be the equivalent of Superman zipping from building to building at a jet speed rate rescuing damsels in distress, but it’s by no means a miracle cure. Men must still, to put it bluntly, behave like men. To please their ladies and to do justice to their child producing duties, they must still look after themselves.

That might mean less time spent out with the boys at night and more time at home with the missus. Anyhow, the Priapus shot will only be administered once the specialist therapist has completed a qualified diagnosis and declared ED’s presence in the patient’s life.